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Storyteller - Ai aloud book reading app for kids

Any time

Aloud Book Reading App for Kids

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Any story book read aloud

Turn any book into a live audio story with our AI storyteller.


With storyteller you can scan any print book from your personal library, our unique AI engine will read it aloud to your kids, so any children’s book can be listened to as an audiobook.

kids listen to a childrens story book read aloud on the storyteller app following along the print book
Childrens audiobook library on the storyteller app for kids

How it works

The app is based on an intelligent AI engine that turns the book’s scanned pages into text and text into speech so it can actually tell any story and speak any book like an audiobook. 

You bring the book, and we read it to your kids.

scan any children book and play it as an audiobook with the storyteller app

Add any of your favorite children's print storybooks

Listen to a childrens story on the Storyteller app and follow along the book

Read along - Listen to the story’s narration read aloud on your mobile device, like an audiobook, while following along with the illustrations on your print book. 

Storyteller app playing audio stories for kids

Follow the thumbnails to keep track of the book and get notified when it’s time to turn over to the next page.

a boy listening to AI reading a childrens book like an audiobooks for kids

Easy access to stories & books

The Storyteller app provides an opportunity for children to be independent in consuming their books, so kids can listen to any story at any time and as many times as they want, without any assistance from an adult. 


It is excellent for travel, bedtime stories, and any storytime at home.


Storyteller is not intended to replace books, but to complete the experience and help children enjoy “reading” a good story on their own. 


Safe for kids

Storyteller provides a safe environment for young children with age-appropriate content, proper protection of data, and no ads. A parental gate is set for links out of the app and for purchasing opportunities so even young children can easily use it.

a girl reading a book listening to the story on the Storyteller app for kids like an audiobook
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